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Allen Kraken Fly reel, Redington Vapen Black 9w, Case, and Rio Outbound Short Line... Like New

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(NEW REDUCED PRICE) $550 cash Local pickup in Panama City Florida or Paypal / Shipped

I am selling my fly reel, rod, line, and case all together. I purchased all this past January with hopes to love fly fishing. I didn't want to go cheap so I just dove on on the best Saltwater fly reel in my budget. Well after two trips out for a total of less than an hour of fishing with it I have decided fly fishing is not for me. I don't have time to learn nor do I have to bug to do it anymore... so my lost desire could be your gain. I know it's going to take a select person for this combo but I figured I would try here before going to ebay. Everything about this rod and reel is flawless. No scratches, no dings, no problems. All in out of the box condition.

For anyone who new to fly fishing or curious in what this rod's targeted species would be: The Kraken has a sealed drag and is saltwater safe. A 9wt setup will easily catch trout, slot reds, chicken dolphin, and spanish but had the backbone to slay bull reds, bonita, blackfin tuna, sailfish, and larger dolphin. You could use it in fresh water but you are most likely going to skip a rainbow trout across the surface reeling them in.

Here is what is included and what I paid originally:

Allen Kraken - Size 4 - 9-11wt Emerald Green - $229.99
Redington Vapen Black 9w 990-4 $349.95
Rio Outbound Short Saltwater Tropical $79.95
TFO fly rod case $39.95
300 yards fins XS braid $39
Total: $738.84 + all the tax and shipping I paid... estimated $760 total package

Now Selling at a New Reduced Price: $550 Shipped or Local pickup in Panama City Florida.

That is a package savings of over $200 for a brand new flawless big fish outfit.

I will not separate.

I am a trustworthy seller...
Ebay seller profile: http://www.ebay.com/usr/saltdweller
Here is my personal fishing blog: http://epic.fish

Sorry for the potato photos... I'm working with a phone camera...sorry

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Price reduced to $550 shipped
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