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an interesting editorial

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Sounds good to me.
All those hatchery employees out of work.
All those commercial fishers out of work.
Tribes without. etc.
Looks like the salmon are gonna be goners.
the conspiracy theorists among us were saying over a decade ago that the WDFW and the tribes were doing their best to exterminate all wild anadramous fishes in order to simplify their put and take mind sets. you do have to wonder give just how the resources have only been managed for MSY.
Hatchery reform is a required part of the solution. Even the agencies seem to understand this now.
Those are interesting takes on the editorial. There is a lot of sound science to back up what Bill says, he is a well respected and knowegeable scource. The various state departments of fish and wild life work for the people of there respective states. We need to hold there feet to the fire in a respectful but unequivocal way, with sceince as our hammer to get them to do the right thing. Part of that is educating ourselves and our friends and to get involved, not give up. Go to nativefishsociety.org and read, there is a ton of info there for the taking.
Thanks for posting that gt, ya beat me to it!
Bill Bakke is one of the most dedicated conservationists there is and he has the science to prove it. I met him in the late 60's when he was pioneering dry fly steelhead fishing on the Washougal. Always a proponent of wild fish and conservation. Very self-effacing and not about promoting himself or money.
another Bill has been saying the same thing for a long time; Bill McMillan
There are several well respected people who have been saying these things for decades, the difference is people are starting to listen. I urge everyone to get involved, jion the Nativefishsociety.org or the wild fish conservancy or wild steelhead coalition. Beyound giving them a check, volunteer! Become a river steward for your home water, or support someone else who is. No one is going to change things unless we do it.
Almost everyone is saying the native fish are in trouble in one way or another, the problem is that they are all coming from different directions and beating on each other about their diffences. People need to work out their areas and find their goals that match up and then get to work at the needs of the fish. The fish have to come first before our needs or they never will be back in the natural way of things and will continue to disappear from run after run. The more natural things become extinct the closer we are to following them.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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