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Yet another year passed
Though I wish I had one more cast,
Next year will be better,
or so say's the flyshops letter.

As the prices go higher,
And so does my ire.
As I tie more flies,
and tell more lies,
one thing becomes clear,
that for one more year,
my obsession with fly fishing
is better than wishing
that all of my dreams will come true
because they do.

When I am out on the creek,
and am feeling meek,
amongst all of the trees,
and the bumbling bees,
I revere every second that I grasp,
with my mind trying not to lasp.
As we get older,
and less bolder,
We can relying on one thing,
that our passion in flyfishing,
will continue for many years to come.

Hope you enjoyed,
just a little poem off the top of my head,

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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