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Where the heck have I been? This site kinda just popped up on the screen the other day...very happy to have it available and kudos to Chris (although that four legged, shaggy critter that accompanies his postings looks like something that slinks suspiciously around Montlake). Anyhow, looking forward to conversing with everyone.

A little background...I live in the Willapa Bay area (Raymond), on the SW Coast. Moved here 7 years ago after living, skiing, fishing and generally bumming around Sun Valley, Id for 5 years. Grew up on the north end of Whidbey Island and started my bug rodding at Pass Lake and Lone Lake back in the early 80's. Seems like anglers travel a bit farther to fish them now. Back then most of the guys I talked to were from the local areas. Back then I don't think I'd have know what a chrironomid was, but for sure knew what a "black gnat" looked like.

Because of my location, I mainly fish salmon and steelhead on the fly, but make sure I get a few weekend passes to hit Central Wa. or the Okanogan lakes during the year. When on a short leash, it's Cady or Coldwater. Or a really short leash, its surf perch or jetty fishing in Westport or Illwaco. Summers are spent in Alaska (started going there in 1986 to cover yearly tuition expenses and never got the Greatland out of my system). Just started using the two-handers last spring for nymph-style steelie fishing...I'm hooked! So much for the purist approach, but when in Rome (or on a stream where no backcast is possible)...

Well, enough ramblings, good to be aboard!


Go Cougars!!
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