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Another Great Transaction

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Yesterday, I received a package in the mail; it was something I had purchased from a WFF member. As usual, everything went very well - a friendly and responsive seller, quick payment via PayPal, fast delivery, and the goods were 1) in perfect shape and 2) well protected. I won't say the item or seller, because that's not the point

The point is, I think that most folks' sales and purchases on WFF go very smoothly. I think it's the sense of community and perhaps the nature of the clientele of a fly fishing site that make folks here above average in honesty and follow-through. I've read about a few purchases that went sour, but I've never been less than delighted at the results of my purchases or sales.

I just wanted to rant, in a positive way.
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I have to agree. I've purchased several items from members and they have all gone well.
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I agree as well. Every purchase or sale I have done went well.
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Yep, I've had some great transactions on here. I had one guy talk my ear off about a rod for 20 minutes and sell it to someone else, but it wasn't really a transaction.

It's also a pleasure selling gear on WFF, because people don't ask dickish questions like they do on ebay.
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