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if you cast a line in saltwater you need a saltwater license, salmon are considered freshwater fish also if I'm right and try saying to a warden you don't need a saltwater license fishing a beach for cutties.

in 2001 I fished at point no point for src's and so did a few regulars fishing for "TUNA" casting cutplugs and letting them drift with the eddy in july with a lot of kings hooked that way during that time of year, he just looked at the size of my flies and said "watch it". looked at the "tuna fisherman" and said get out of here. all in all I will be fishing for srcs in july up in hansville.

there should be catch and release season for fly anglers from shore all year, wait it is like that for srcs. casting buzzbombs in july up there will get you a hefty ticket. but only people who dont know how to fish use those.

saltwater flyfishing in the northwest is a science as well as an art:beer2
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