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What bothers me about Ms Pattillo's response is the statement that ": this could be a wake-up call for you(us) to participate in the future". I find that chilling considering that the WDFW has been participating all along, in fisheries management here, and they still have no idea of the "impact of a beach fishery". That's really a telling statement.

I see about six to twenty five fishers on any one of the points of land that fishers gather upon during the open season on area nine beaches, at any given time of day, every day of season. Obviously,(to me anyway), many of these people are part of a continual exchange of fishers throughout the day. So there are in fact many more fishers on a given day, in a given spot, than it would appear at a single glance. There are two very prominent spots here in Port Townsend; Point Wilson, at Fort Worden, and Marrowstone Point at Fort Flagler. Both of these areas have "Parking Fees" of five dollars per day.( Fort Worden's daily parking fee was subsidized by local business groups so visitors could park for free). For fishers this is in addition to the "access fee" that they already pay, out of their annual lisence fee(s).

Aside from State Parks, there are numerous, dozens, of prominent points of land that people have congregated upon to fish area nine waters for decades. So on any given day it could reasonably be assumed that hundreds, even a thousand or more, anglers could be fishing in area nine. Especially holiday weekends. And somehow WDF&W has no clue as to "the impact of a beach fishery" in area nine.

By no stretch of the imagination do boaters out-number, nor politically out-voice, beach anglers. They just got organized, very quietly, and manipulated a process,(North of Falcon), that is vulnerable to this kind of abuse. Yes, it is about money. If you care, call or write now and get involved today. Now. Or just mow your lawn this summer and be quiet.
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