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Antique wood Boat Restoration.

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Any woodworkers out there?

Looks like a fun project! I have never refinished a boat, but I have built cedar strip canoes...so I could give you a couple of pointers on epoxy. Also, go to Barnes Noble, they have a few books on boat refinishing, boat building. If you plan on putting glass and epoxy on the bottom side of the hull you might want to consider doing the interior as well. It all depends on the construction though, wood plank or plywood? As for spraying it...covert your garage (if you have one). It is pretty cheap...just buy a roll of 4 mil plastic and tack it up! One quick suggestion while working with epoxy, apply first coat (no glass) as a sealer, this is a thin coat! Squgee any access off with a playing card. Next step is called "wetting out" the glass. Drape the cloth over the hull and spread the epoxy working one side of the boat at a time. Here is my advice!
-basing the first coat, mix enough and then some for the wetting out!
-unplug the phone!
-no observers...they tend to make you nervous!
-take your time this is a critical step...because if you make a mistake you will be one with a belt sander!

Don't forget (like I just did) to put glass strips over the cut water or transom corners, these strips should be cut on the bias of the direction of the weave (for instance 8" wide strip, length determined by area to be covered, cut at a 45 degree angle from weave. Apply third coat of epoxy, lightly sand, be sure not to sand to deep and disturb the cloth!!!! Apply fourth coat, all coats can be applied with a small sponge roller (diposable). I have gotten mixed advice on two layers of cloth...some beleive that it adds only weight and does not provide structural integrity, others the opposite, really depends on how you will be using it!

Mail me if you have any further questions [email protected]
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Any woodworkers out there?

Thanks Andrew,

I appreciate the tips! Very helpful. I don't think I will be glassing it. I have glassed all of the seams 2 times. It is just marine plywood. Not trying to do an amazing job on it. Just needs to be sea worthy. :) I will e-mail you with more details on what I have done so far and you can tell me if I am screwed or now. Oh yeah, the garage idea is a good one. Too bad it is full of my parents food storage. They won't let me truck the wheat outside for a weekend.



I have a really cool antique wood fishing boat that I have been slowly restoring for about 3 years now. I am wondering if anyone out there has a little experience with wood boat restoration (or the like) and might want to help me finish it. I have all of the primer and paint, epoxy etc... most of the tools I need etc... It has come a long way and it is nearing completion.

I could use some woodworking brains to pick. And what I really need is a place to paint it. It is 17.5 ft long and is 4.5 ft wide at its widest.

I know it is a long shot but if anyone out there has some free time and the inclination please don't be shy. My schedule is flexible. White-ay has a free schedule too but he is a jerk and won't help me. He must be too busy riding his short bus.

Thank you very much either way!

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