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Any Dry Falls reports?

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Thinking of going up tomorrow. Anyone fished it recently?


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I fished it Thu. and Fri., it sucked. Wonderful weather, beautiful place, no bugs, few fish.

One poor report...how about any others? Thought I heard from the early opener, good fish sizes.
Going to give the lake a try this week.
Any other reports for central Wa lakes would be appreciated.
Fished it sat and sunday with about 20 of my closest fishing friends each day. Great weather, water temp about 65 degrees, no wind saturday and a little sunday. No significant hatches and the fish I caught had a few size 18 chironomids in them and not much else. Trolling dead slow on the bottom in 23 feet of water appeared to be picking up the most fish - about 1 every 30 min. Leeches/wooley buggers in black, black and olive seemed to be producing the most fish. There were a few callibaetis coming off and some damsels around, but the fish didn't seem to be keyed into them yet. A number of fish were rising both days for what appeared to be emerging chironomids. Most of the fish I caught were rainbows in the 15 - 20 inch range. All really feisty fighters.
I think that was my token dry falls trip this year. Don't think I will be back because there are many lakes with more/bigger fish and fewer people although the scenery is hard to beat. Good luck - post a report.
I fished it a little over 2 weeks ago and the fishing was great, it started out sort of slow at first in the morning not alot of fish caught by most of the people there I think I got into 6 or so and there was one guy that had it dialed in that was doing alot better, the afternoon really picked up at least for me, I started tossing a small olive leech about and really got into alot of fish, I didn't see much coming off except for midges during the day no mayflies or damsels but I had a record day, I noticed that most of the people there weren't doing all that well but I see that alot, I don't think that just dragging a bugger around using a dryline is really all that effective sure it works but there are better ways to fish. I was heading to the take out and I was catching a fish on almost every cast when a guy asked me what I was using, I told him and showed him how I was fishing it even offered him a fly and was told no I have alot of leech patterns, well he continued to drag his fly around going fishless while I continued to catch one after another, I tried alot of patterns and different things before hitting on what the fish wanted, it took a few hours, but you know next time it could easily be me going fishless things change. The fish were in great shape fought hard and and there were a nice range of sizes from 12" to 20" with a couple even topping that.
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Thanks for the reports.
I'd agree with you Tony, sometimes it can be tough..but once dialed in there can be great action.
I'll return a report later this week after giving it a go..
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