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Any luck on the Sky?

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A buddy caught some fairly bright chum yesterday. They were pluggin' though.
I didn't think that there are any fish on Lewis Street. Now if you fished below the bridge in the river there might be. The Wallace gets hit pretty good around Thanksgiving below the RR bridge. For Chums that is.
i was out by the wallace a few weeks ago. saw a bunch of guys land chums all around me. no luck for me. best was watching a guy fight a chum on a bamboo rod. unfortunately, i saw that rod bust right open.
Any luck on the Sky?

If I had any luck, I would buy a lotto ticket.

Im in snohomish for the next 5 days... love toget out on the rivers but they look way swole. ANy idea if the rivers are fishable further up? They look blown to... down lower but hopin they are in shape higher up. ANy news?
there is chum and coho throughout the whole system. ive heard of some chrome winter run fish taken (pre rain storms). gear guys have pulled a bunch out of reiter.

watch the flows and get out there. those brats beeline straight for the hatchery so the higher up the better (conditions and fish). if i didnt have swine flu i woulda been swingin the flies the last 2 mornings. much better reason to call in sick than actually being sick.

the sky has a ton of access. getta map and start checkin out every pullout above wallace.
I fished Reiter ponds last weekend. I think over the time I was there I saw 6 fish landed, mostly steelhead.
Edit: I forgot to mention the crowd, Whooo!
Stopped by Ben Howard the past few days. Should have fished yesterday for a bit, since it was decent yesterday, but blew out today. High and dirty! It's been flowing over 8000 cfs today and may still be climbing.

Good luck if you decide to get out! :beer1:
Water clarity was a little better further upriver today than lower. Although it was high, there was still some fishable water. Nothing doing for me though. Looks like with this rain it'll keep rising for a bit too.
its on the drop, there should be water to fish...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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