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I retired in 2000 and moved to NE Washington in 2001. Since then I have been busy developing my property and didn't get as much chance as I wanted to get out and fish. I did fish several times a week but I'm sure I can do better. I'm hoping this will be a breakout year since much of the hard work is done now with mostly honey-do stuff remaining. At this point it would be nice to meet some other flyfishermen in the area but so far no luck. Are there other folks out there that have lots of time but no one to fish with on a regular basis? Initially I would like to hookup with someone in the Colville-Metaline Falls-Newport triangle and fish waters in Pend Oreille and Stevens countys. I fish out to about a 150 mile radius usually from Sunday evening to Friday morning and then stay home on the weekend and watch baseball and burn steaks on the grill. Drop me a line if you want someone to share the water with. Or if you are just camping or visiting the area midweek I can probably do a reasonably good guide imitation on some of the local lakes if I am not in Montana or Idaho at the time.

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

Being retired has it's perks and its low points. I retired almost 4 years ago and findind fishing partners is one of the low points. I found a few people to fish with but they're all 20 to 30 years younger that me and can get around a whole lot better that I can. So I'm kinda a hinderance to them. But I try. I also fish Sunday's thru Friday's as their arn't as many people out there during the week as on weekends. So after the snow quits flying and the weather warms up just alittle more I will make that trip over the hump and try to hook up with all of you people in Eastern Washington That I have talked to.

I don't live in N.E.Washington,but in the Marysville area. I have this saying,"have car will travel". I have fished over there a few times,but never in the area where you are but I've wanted too.

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