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Any Snoqualmie (MF or SF) reports?

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I've got a bored brother in law in town for Thanksgiving. We had the opportunity to hang out today and I took him to Avid Angler. Well, the boredom got the better of the both of us. I walked out with a new Sage Vantage 5wt and he's trying out a VT2. :beer2:

Now, we have the problem of figuring out where the heck to fish in November with a couple of trout rods. D'oh.

So, I know the Yak is probably the only water worth chucking at in terms of trout and what a 5wt can handle, but has anyone been up the middle fork road lately? Is it completely snowed over and inaccessible? I'd love to hit the MF if it's accessible rather than drive 2 hours out to the yak.

Anyhow. long shot. but, drop me a note if you've been up and know the conditions or have some other bright ideas for a couple of not so bright guys.
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Man I hate that fly shop, go there for a magazine and end up with $100 of stuff. Pass lake may be a good bet

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