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Anyone own a Sage TXL 000wt, 00wt or 0wt fly fod?

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I am considering the purchase of one of Sage's 0wt class fly rods and was hoping on getting some reviews from people who own or have owned one of thes rods. Also I noticed that the only fly reels and fly lines rated for this size rod are also made by Sage. Are there any other 0wt rated fly reels and fly lines out there?
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0wt.? No weight? :D

While a 0, 00, or 000 weight rods makes little sense, (how can no weight cast?) it certainly is a great marketing scheme to sell to guys who think that it will make a 6 inch fish feel like 10. I guess it worked on me because I bought a 00 weight a year or two before the 000 came out. I have used it in small streams for trout and for bluegill in lakes throwing poppers. It has performed very well, allowing me to throw flies/poppers 35-40 feet; plenty far enough to catch fish. I put the Ross Evolution 0 on and it balanced the rod very nice but then again, you certainly don't need $1,000 rod and reel combo to catch trout and pan fish. It fills a market niche, albeit a very small one. The only lines available for these rods that I have seen are from Sage, although I seriously doubt they actually make them.

Keith, why are you posting? Shouldn't you be in church? :)

I know, I know...I'm on my way.
I looked into this a couple of years ago as well. I was just about to pull the trigger and I realized I was about to spend a grand on the pursuit of small quarry. Which is fun, I enjoy it immensly, but it isn't on par with steelheading and the cost just did not make sense. So I went with a TFO Finesse 1wt, an Orvis Battenkill BBS I and a Orvis 1wt DT line, a setup I absolutely love and have had a blast with. I was going to go with the BBS I on the TXL as well and beleive it is another reel option for you. The reel is so small, you feel like it should be hanging off your key chain. I was told later on by a guide that I would not have regretted the TXL path, but I'm very happy with the setup I went with and it was much easier on the pocket book.

I have a little 2 wt. Sage 279 LL that is 7'9". A sweet little rod. I have the small Orvis CFO reel on it that balances nicely. I don't think I would go to anything really smaller than that. It doesn't get that much use, but it will more so this year. Great for small creeks and 9-14" trout makes it fun to fish with.
Yeah obviously you don't need some tiny and expensive fly rod to catch trout and pan fish but at the same time i enjoy a well built fly rod that is light and casts well and the idea of using a 0wt fly rod just seems like it would be to much fun on smaller fish. Thank you for your reply and opinion on the subject BDD.
The idea is to make you think you are fishing but you are really not. My lightest rod is a 7'9" finesse 3wt TFO which I'm happy to say works fine on small fish. I also have a 7'6" 4wt GL2 which is just sitting on the beach.

Big fish are fun on a small rod. Got me a 21" Steelhead on my 4wt. Was a blast on a small stream.
I have a 0 and 00. I have the sage reels with them as well. great little set ups for small streams. I have even fished them in the salt for cutts from time to time. It tough to get a hook set with sime a light rod on the bigger fish since you have no backbone but they are still fun.
good luck.
I won a TXL 00wt a few years ago. Probably not a rod I would buy myself, but it is a hoot fishing bluegill with it. I have the Sage 3100 reel and Sage line to match. I won the whole package. I have fished some small streams for trout with it and it works well. It throws line much better than I ever thought a very light rod would. I won second place in a casting accuracy contest with it last year.

I had a chance to cast a TFO finess 1wt and was pretty impressed
Thanks for all the info. I think I might just have to pick one up.
A couple other reel options that are light and light on the wallet....

Martin MG-3. Great light rod reel that's 1/2 the price of a Orvis BBS and lighter. At only 2.75 oz it should balance nicely with the TXL


http://fiberglassflyrodders.yuku.com/topic/1366?page=1 ....scroll down the page a little for the Martin reel papers for more info on the MG-3

This J. Austin Forbes reel is as light as the Sage Click reel (2.2oz) but less than a third of the price...


If you can find an old Ryobi 255MG reel off Ebay they usually go for around $75-80. They come in light too ....2.4oz.
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I have a 2 wt TXL with an Abel TR Light reel. Sweeet.
I want to see that 00 weight rod. The fly line must be like thread.

Hey I made it to Church! :) For some reason I never miss.

i fish a wf-1-f on a sage txl #000. fun fly rod! buy one, you'll like it.
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