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Hey all, so I am headed back up to Bellingham the first week of September for my second year at WWU. Last August and September I had a good time fishing Whidbey for pinks and cohos. I know the pinks won't be around this year, but should there be cohos or chinooks within fly range of Whidbey or anywhere else within a reasonable drive from Bellingham? The crowds of buzz-bombers last year were horrible on the public beaches...will it be as crowded this year without that prolific pink run?

I was thinking of heading up to Vancouver Island for a little camping, are there good beach fishing options for salmon up there if I bring my 7 weight and some shooting heads? Any recommendations on parts of the island to head to?

I am hoping for a neat contrast to my local surf fishing at home here in California. Below is a shot from last week.

tight lines -Loren Elliott

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