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Well i finaly took the plunge and bought a new vise. I just tied a some flies on my new Apex Anvil and i must say i am in love with it. It grips hooks so well you could bend even a heavy hook in half. This vise is built like a tank to say the least. Its a beast that will allow you to tie even the smallest of flies with finesse. The rotary function is great and though i dont use it like a rotary vise its great to be able to rotate to check your fly or add a dab of glue. The cam is very forgiving for hook size. It does not require a lot of tweeking between different hook sizes. It came with a base that is sturdy and solid as well as a C clamp. I can tell i just bought a vise my kids wont wear out after i am gone. I got it for 70.00 from flyfishing dicounters on line. they were outstanding to work with!! I also found a place to buy my supplies online. the prices are great and service was world class. Overall i would rate it a solid 9.5 I could not be more pleased.
Its also made in the USA!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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