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Aquaglide Blackfoot XL Inflatable Kayak - anchor system ?

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Anyone on the forum have suggestions for an anchor system for Aquaglide Blackfoot XL kayaks? I just put one on order and am sure I will want either a chain/drift anchor or a regular anchor.....

The kayak does have Scotty mounts - see pic. Thoughts on good anchor system?

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I bought one as well BugOut, and have the same question. Did you ever get anything sorted out that you like? Scotty makes an anchor lock that'll clip into the mounts on the boat. I'm just not quire sure what to do about running the rope and anchor portion. I'm using a 10lb kettle bell as the anchor which worked awesomely on my last boat.
I have a Bote inflatable Kayak and I am using the Scotty 276 anchor mount. You just need the 241 side/top mount for your existing Scotty mount. I have 150 ft of 500 paracord tied to a 3lb. anchor and it holds me fin in any lake or Puget Sound.
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