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Here are some assorted Never fished/ Never used Cortland Fly Lines Model #444, Purchased a dozen of these on another website and these are a few doubles I had. The lines work well and just need to be cleaned with the cleaner pad that is enclosed in each box before use. I just pinched the cleaning pad on the line as it was being spooled onto the fly reels and they worked perfectly... These fly lines were $34 - $42 each Selling all 4 Fly lines for the price of one $40 and $10 shipping

WF5 F/S 5' sink Tip #6 Rocket Taper
WF4 F/I 4wt (Intermediate sink) Tip Rocket Taper
WF4 F/S Sinking Tip Rocket Taper Type III ( Ext. Fast Sink)
WF7 F/S 5' Sink Tip #6 Rocket Taper (Super Sink)

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