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Just a report from Chopaka trip.

Saturday July 12th, arrived at 4pm-ish. Not too crowded (as compared to early season), still many spots left at the DNR and BLM camps. Anyway, fished the evening till dusk, wind "manageble" (eg rippled surface). Still lots of mayfly sailing about - Opps! I had no spinners with me. Well in my haste to get on the road earlier that day, I goofed, but did have lots of #14 Compraduns. Those are a good standby for spinners anyway with the surface imprint etc. Picked up a few along the shallows/reed "point" south. All 16-18", looks like they have been feeding well this season. Sat. evening fishing was sort of surreal too...all the smoke from the Winthrop area fires 60 crow-miles away were being driven into the lake basin by the winds - ash hitting the water, smokey flavor to the air.

Sunday, 9am till 11 or so, more mayfly dry fishing - then switched over to blue adult damsels(braided butt type with antron post so I can see it). Damsels worked along the reeds by "fence" across from the CG. Good 10 fish day (for me that's good anyway;-) Escaped increasing wind in the shallow "bay" on the NE end of lake - sight cast to cruisers with blue damsels - what a blast.

Monday, fishing slow. Wind appeared to be culprit most of the day, first a nuciance, later near-whitecaps. Bailed & headed down to Loomis for ice/beer resupply :beer1 . Fished evening, slow. Most other folks cleared out by Monday - only 4 camps left. I might add, a friendly/respectful group of fellow campers the whole wkend. In particular the very friendly couple with the two Labs- nice folks! This was one of the more pleasant & relaxing trips I've taken up to Chopaka.

I'd say all in all a worthwhile trip, weather was nice partial clouds kept heat down in 70-80's.(smoke from the forestfires was only brief and just Saturday). Water temp was not as warm as some predicted - in my breathable waders with shorts underneath - that water felt quite cold!
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