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I made it! The trip from Atlanta was fantastic! in a nutshell... 3,382 miles, 7 rivers, lots of fish, 1000 buffalo, 2000 dear (including the one I made a hood ornament halfway through Kansas going 75 mPH), McD's in 9 states, LARGE stoneflies in Yellowstone, The North Platte at Gray reef and its HOGS... no they EAT HOGS, locked out of my truck twice, Perfect weather and river levels all the way out, lots of nice people along the way, and a lifetime of memories!

Now I can't wait to target those summer runs... :thumb

I would love to start fishing with some of y'all up this way, so if you ever want to hit the water, I am always game! Shoot me an email!


Like Cartman says, "sweeeeeet".
And never let Mr. Towelee "go back to the rig" unless you have a spare in your fly vest (key)...
He he he
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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