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I'd like to get out for an overnight of backpack camping including some fishing. Let me rephrase that. I want to fish for two days, and don't want to go home, so want to just sleep in my tent.

I have been poring over my Delorme, and anything of interest appears to be either closed (regs) or might be iced over - except salt, and there I'm not sure about the camping. So I need advice.

I'm thinking some time between April 10 and 14.

I don't have enough free time to make more than a day and a half of it, so I don't want to travel more than one hour (maybe two) from the Tacoma area. However, a hike once I got there would be part of the fun. Lakes, river or salt are all fine, but I will be fishing with a 6 weight, so steelheading is out.

I was originally planning on the Yak, but it looks like it might not be wadeable.

It will have to be someplace that I could either fish from shore or with waders.

Does anybody have any ideas they'd be willing to share? Even if it's something that would seem painfully obvious, I'm new to the area and have a lot to learn.

Thanks in advance,


PS - I had a great time getting skunked on the Sound today. I didn't catch anything, but as it was the first day for my new license, it was also the first day I could get out up here, and I loved every chilly moment of it. :thumb


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Port Townsend Area-
Marrowstone Island
Fort Flagler State Park
Quiet clean campground,safe parking, better this time of year. Miles of shoreline to fish in any wind or weather, sea run cutts are coming on. Better in a month but you should get a few on every tide.Pretty nights under the stars.

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fish- where were you on the sound? I have heard reports of some people doing well out there but the majority of the guys I know are still trying to get in their last little bit of steelheading before they start on the salt.

I dont know of much that would be very pleasant for camping. Hiking into the headwaters of an O.P. stream might be nice but I am not sure of any of the regs. right now.
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