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Bamboo flyrod - appears unused $150/obo

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My mother-in-law was going through my father-in-law's closet (he passed a couple of years ago) and she found a flyrod, 2 shotguns, and two .22's.

She asked if I would help her sell these items, and so far the guns have found new homes. I listed the flyrod on craigslist and recieved a couple of nibbles but no strikes.

It finally hit me that perhaps I should try a flyfishing site!

This is an older bamboo flyrod, the cork, etc looks new, it doesn't appear a reel has ever been mounted to the rod. No one can even recall my father-in-law ever flyfishing.

It's a three piece rod, 9' long. The bottom guide has come off during storage but is not damaged. It has a red insert, while the other guides don't have inserts.
Maybe one of you can identify it further from the photo's.

It comes with two identical tips, two sleeves, and a metal tube with a threaded brass end.

I'm asking $150/obo


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looks like a Hardy from the 60s
looks like a Hardy from the 60s
I may be wrong but my guess is that it's something other than a Hardy, and that the intermediates pre-date the rod to prior to the 60's.

Try for an I.D. here under the appraisals thread; http://clarksclassicflyrodforum.yuku.com/
Thanks for the info Stewart.

I was searching on ebay and I found this old Shakespere for sale.
The logo looks a lot like the one on the rod we're selling... what do you think?

If this is any indication I may have overpriced this one.
Thanks Greg. From what I can tell it might be a Japanese made Shakespere.
According to that site they range from $75-100 depending on condition etc.

New price is $100.
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