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I was looking into it a few years ago, and there are a couple of different options.

The first, the easy way, is to buy a bamboo blank. There are a number of suppliers for this, I have a friend in Michigan who planes his own bamboo and sells blanks, you used to be able to order them through the Cabela's catalog, and there are a number of other private companies that supply them, just do a search on the internet and I'm sure you'll find something. This is pretty much the same process as building a graphite blank, you have to reem the cork, tape it, wrap the guides, etc.

The second, and more challenging way, is to build the blank from tonkin cane. This requires acquiring a source to obtain the cane from, and there are a few around. I'm not sure who people go through, but you might ask William at Swede's Fly Shop, he planes his own bamboo rods. This process also requires getting ahold of some planing forms, taper formulas, and other expensive devises, and is not cheap! Two years ago, I signed up for a class to learn how to build my own bamboo rods (at a place in Maine), but due to money issue it fell through. Look around on the 'net, and in fly fishing magazines (that's where I found my add) if your really interested. It's worth taking a class on it, although there are quite a few excellent books on the subject.

Hope that helped.

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