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Hi everyone, I rode the mountain bike to Fontel today, complete with waders, tube, rod and all the extra stuff that seems to always be available when packing. No hookups to report but had several bumps on my olive leech pattern. There were frequent rises of larger fish in deep water and some showy splashes in the shallows amongst the reeds and fallen timber. Had a few strikes at dry flies but the 2X tippet I found in my vest was a bit heavy and probably scared everything.
Thanks to others for their posts on directions. A good map helps in finding this lake. But the bike ride was an easy 25 min. and only about 100' elevation gain.
There were two other guys on mountain bikes today, they reported seeing a "large" black bear on the shoreline by the outlet creek. Kind of suprising considering how close that is to Monroe. They only got two fish, also on buggers. Nice trip, except for the sunburn, Ha! Flyfisher Frank :REALLYMAD
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