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Isn't a RX7 older than a RX8? Now, latest would be Eternity2, considered RX9? E2 is rated to be EF. But those I have conversed with rate a solid Fast action more than EF.

I have no knowledge of MHX rods. Other than there Matrix blanks looked very cool in sunlight.
Matrix is American Tackle...not MHX.

Revelation is the current version of RX7.

Import RX8 (in addition to US built RX8+) were superseded by e2/RX9.

Mudhole is good with their warranties, as is Rainshadow/Batson.

MHX fish great...provided it stays together.

I have more faith in my Rainshadows staying in the correct amount of pieces.

The steelhead (which fly are very similar) MHX have had quite a few breakage issues in the past. Whether thats been rectified I honestly don't know. I still have a broken one...i haven't bothered sending in.

That being said...I'm tempted to get a MHX fly blank to build.

I am very fond of my e2 builds though.

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