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See last post for updated info.

I have several Bauer reels for sale. All in extremely good shape or better.

Bauer M2 - $325 - comes with 2 spools, one with what has to be Rio Gold WF6 (moss and yellow color) and the other is a 6 wt sink tip line, unsure what kind. Both spools are black. Looks essentially new- no rock rash, chips, or scratches. Just minor and light surface swirling but I wouldn't call them scratches. Can send pics on request. Comes with neoprene pouch for reel and Bauer pouch (velvet-type) for extra spool. Cork is very clean and is in about perfect shape.

Bauer M2SL - $300 - This is as new, with total of two spools (i.e. one extra one), both champagne colored as this was a light batch of what Bauer calls gold. Reel and spool haven't been used, were just a spare. No line on the spools. Comes with neoprene pouch and velvet-like spool pouch.

Bauer MXP1 - $195 - see thread here. Just consolidating into one thread.

All prices are shipped with me absorbing PayPal fees. Can send USPS money if you prefer but I prefer PayPal if possible.

Let me know if you want pics of anything.


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