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beach report

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Went out after some silver this morning, caught 2 little 1 pounders that were rapidly released, an hour later got into a nice fish maybe eight pounds but as luck will have it right at the beach the hook came loose and I got to watch it swim away man what a pisser. I decided I would try again this evening so it was off to home tied up a couple of more flies and at about 5:30 got back to the beach the tide wasn't moving all that much and there was alot of salad floating around which was a pain but the water was still fishable about a half hour into it I got into a really nice coho big hooknose 12 pounds or better that really had me hoping my knots would hold, they did, outstanding, after a little bashing and bleeding I started fishing again 3rd cast got into another fish this one much smaller than the first but still an ok fish, both were caught using a pink clouser. I left my house at 5pm and was home by 7pm great night guess whats for dinner tomorrow.
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Very nice! :thumb:
Nice! What kind of rod/line/reel setup did ya use?
cheap 8 weight rod redfly, cheap reel scientific anglers graphite, cheap 14 dollar fullsink line that I bought from one of the shops on this site which I might add is a great deal and really has held up well to the harshness of the salt and casts pretty darn good.
Nice looking fish:thumb: Might be time to start heading out again.
That hooknose is a NICE beach fish, good to see some coho's showing up.

yep, that's a gorgeous beach coho on a fly.....you will remember that one for a long time.
Nice catch! My eye sight is not as good these days but please tell me you harvested those out of M8 or M11?
I'd say that's a well spent hour on the water. Nice work. Enjoy the feast!
No area 9 why? and no its not a temporary thing tonyness is next to godlyness don't you know
Nice Score! Bet those guys pulled a little.
Outstanding. Catching a silver buck that size from the beach is pretty special. Great job.
That's a beauty Tony! Nice work. Your constant pounding the beach paid off well. Good on ya.
Nice job. I am heading out this week with the bug rod. We have been busy mooching for kings.
Way to go Tony! Glad to see some big silvers up your way. Heck, glad to see them n e where.
Just got in from MA9 beach; very windy! Tough to cast. Only two small coho (12-14 inches) and no real fish hooked. Didn't see any gear guys get any either. Maybe on the later tide. Jeff
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