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Beaver Lake question

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I was up and the first one on the lake this morning! caught and released about 6 fish before work. The only one that was large enough to keep looked like its mouth had sores on it and a large cyst close to its tail.

I have noticed on several occassions that some of the fish I have caught have lumps on them that look like a cyst. Has anyone else noticed this or have any idea what it is?
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Nice Anti-German rant Wadin Boot!

P.S your German need some work

Have not met too many German power baiters in WA. I fish a lot and have met zero to date . I take it personally because my Grandparents and mother fled Nazi Germany as refugees and ended up in the US.
Have met a lot of other nationalities poaching here in the state of WA but not PC to mention here on WFF.
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