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Before You Go- A Nw Pronunciation Primer

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Every part of the country has it's screwed up names but we seem to have more than our share in the Northwest. Here's a little guide to help keep the locals from snickering at you too much.

After living within 30 miles of the panhandle for 40+ years, being stationed in Mountain Home for a year, and getting married in Rexburg I think I still flunked Idaho.:rolleyes:
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WA (*) - They have a special footer for Des Moines. Having lived next door to both, I know for a fact, that if you give people one "s", they will take two. And, then continue the butchery. I was naive at the time, but my introduction to what I learned later to be "poor white trash" was a family from Cleveland trying to get to Dezz Mee Oh Ness.

Sometimes, imitating the "native" language is a good guess. But, the wrong native language for an Anglo place name can yield a real head scratcher, as in: Ep EEE ratta. It's in WA, and on Sauke's list.
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