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We just got back from a week at Turneffe Island Resort which is on the South end of the Atoll. Of course the weather report here at home is a crummy welcome back...I think I want to go back.

The bonefishing was slow for us. Caught a few but the little buggers had lock jaw. We worked school after school of fish but didn't have many takes. Good casts, bad casts, lead the schools by 10 feet and have then swim over the fly before stripping no takes. Many different flies were tried with changes in size, type and colors. The guide said he hadn't seen it that tough for a long time but I'm not so sure as I think these flats are worked fairly hard by this lodge and the Turneffe Flats lodge which is on the North end of the Atoll. We did have a full moon which might have had the fish feeding at night and the tides might have not been in the best of cycles. One morning we headed out to a new flat (for us) but ended up bagging it as we watched lightening whack the water just off shore of us.

I did catch this nice Permit which made the trip:
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