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Best instructional video on skagit casting

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Which is your pick on skagit casting ?

Thanks in advance
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skagit master click
IMHO the two best are Skagit Master by Ed Ward and Advanced Spey Casting by John & Amy Hazel. Ed Ward holds the edge on clarity and depth of instruction but the DVD post production makes it difficult to use. The Hazel DVD is not quite, but almost, as good in instruction clarity though it falls off in instructional depth but the post production is very professional and easy to use as an instructional tool.
I really like the Rio Video. It only has a short skagit section, but the entire video teaches the mechanics and principle of spey casting a true value to all casters of all styles.
sunday with a real human of the skagit river mike kinney @ ben howard with the aatf shop, videos r like porn if u werent there it didnt happen!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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