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Big Box Full Of Tying Materials And Hooks For Sale

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I use to tie flies commercially and have a big box full stuff that I don't use any more. Most of the stuff is for trout flies. There are about 45 boxes of 100 Daiichi hooks. Hooks have been used out of some of them but a lot of them are still full. They are mostly nymph and dry fly hooks with some stuff for streamer. It'll take too long to list everything. But There's a few big deer and elk skins, about 15 pheasant tails, a big bag of turkey biots, lots of beads, rubber legs, ultra wire, ribbing, foam, a box of from body cutters, and various others furs and feathers. $80 shipped
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Second in line if it falls through. I could use that foam and body cutters for bass in Florida. If you want to sell just those tyafly let me know.

I guess this is what I get for not being up at 2 am, my time...missed opportunity.

tyafly, if there's anything from the lot that you're interested in reselling, let me know. Hooks, materials, whatever. I could probably use everything except the foam stuff that kinigit mentioned.
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