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Big Crappie

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Wow - talk about a stud Crappie!
There are crappie nearly that big in both the Columbia and Snake systems. I have caught them over 16'' and certainly never caught the biggest ones.
I had a friend catch a "18 inch" crappie last year. (I saw a pic, if it wasn't it was darn close.) I about lost it, and mentioned something about state record. He laughed and said something about it sitting on a shelf in his fridge. :rolleyes:
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Holy cow, that's a slab
I grew up near that lake and near Murphboro. I fished at Crab Orchard lake, near Carbondale also.
But the best Lake for spiny rays, in my opinion, was Cedar Lake a bit further south. Loaded with hungry blue gills. But none that size.
Good memories.
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