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I went out for a few hours yesterday. Decided to take a break from hanging 12' drywall.

Didn't have one look at a Dry Skwala the whole time. I did hook into my 2nd largest ever Yak fish however. Could have been a Steelhead I guess but I got many really good looks at him and I think it was a bona fide 22" yak bow... I know they exist.

Casting out 10-15 feet, double nymph rig, good drift in the soft seam, should be a fish there. A twitch... set the hook! Oh my god.... that feels like a pig. See the thrashing flash of a hog in the soft water, He digs... then, like leaping for the stars, he flies... 3 feet. Back down, he digs, then like a rocket back in the air, 3 feet, my heart, pounding.... pounding.... We fight, we fight... my arm aches. Please god (if there is one) let me land this fish. Is he on the lead fly with the 4x or the dropper with the 5x. Don't pull past that breaking point, want to land him. He tiring, but he's not done yet. He runs, I bring him back.... he runs.... it goes on. He's really close now, god he's big, I think it's time, pull the net. Shit... he's foul hooked on the 5x... Shit... there he goes again, no control over him now, stick the net in your mouth, need both hands. Bring him back, he's almost here. Sticks in the water. Stay away from those sticks... those sticks..... SHIT..... those sticks.

Those fish jump 4 feet when they reach that size and you claim 3 feet---- so I would have to call B.S. on that one.
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