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Billings, Mt info

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Howdy all- I'm planning a family road trip to Billings week of Aug 8-14. I have the domestic green light to sneak off and do a little fishing, so I'm wondering if anyone can point me to some spots in the area that are relatively accessible for a half-day or so. I have the latest issue of NW Flyfishing, which has an entire article on the area, but any suggestions are welcome. Just trying to maximize fishing vs driving time. I'm not looking for anyone's secret spots, but if there are any tips that can put me on good water they're much appreciated-
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Upper Stillwater river. HOPPERS! If you can make a day of it, I would hit the Beartooth Plateau. More lakes than you can shake a rod at plus they are full of hungry brookies, some get rather large. The plateau is super family friendly as well.
Shoot me a PM. Billings happens to be my current stomping grounds.
stillwater. Down low for bigger fish.
Cool- I've heard and read good things about the Stillwater- are there any landmarks/ particular areas to focus on? I've heard the hopper fishing in August is insane!
Thanks for the info-
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