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Billy Eat Your Heart Out

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I fished 4X4 lake yesterday looking for some willing bass. When I showed up at the lake, I was greeted by 20 or so of my "friends". I'm gregarious, so I didn't mind the fly club outing on the lake that day.

I headed out and while setting up I pinged a couple of fish on the finder down at about 16' or so in 20' of water. My type 5 was set up so I casted, counted, stripped and hooked up. Nice rainbow, but not what I was after so I of course casted, counted, stripped and did it again. I'm a sucker for fish, but I wanted to find some bass.

I headed into the shallows and started throwing a greenish brown simi-seal on an intermediate line and immediately started finding some little guys around 8" or so. They are fun and I knew I would need to weed through them to find some bigger fish, broke my heart, catching fish after fish after fish with multiple doubles on the same rod. I did end finding some larger fish with a few larger ones here and there, but nothing bigger than 13". Still those largemouth will tussle and honestly the bows I landed did not fight much harder. At one point I anchored in one spot, casted, paused stripped in and landed 20 in a row.

I even found a few perch.

At the end of the day at the lake before packing up to head to Out House Lake, my electric trolling motor crapped out and could only troll in reverse. I left the intermediate out and ended up with a few more bows on the way in.

The fishing gods did not approve of me landing close to a couple hundred of the beasts though

@b_illymac should approve. I honestly can't figure out this IPhone flipped photo thing.
Cloud Sky Smile Fisherman Fish

This Bass really is a prize, @Nick Clayton should love it.
Fish Ray-finned fish Fin Tail Bony-fish

One of the trout.
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When I was a kid in Ontario ,I hated bass the size of the one in the second picture. Their mouth was twice the size of their body, plus they were quicker than their much larger brethren. They always got to the bait first.
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