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Black Canyon Trip Report

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Did a hike/backpack fishing trip into the black caynon of the yellowstone last week. It was a blast and all of us did well. Hit the end of the Salmon Fly hatch so the fish were coming up for the big dries.

The first night we stayed on Hellroaring creek and caught a bunch but nothing over 15". Beautiful scenery, my Dad and brother saw some bighorns. We also saw two small black bears on the trip and the biggest bald eagle I have ever seen.

The next two days we fished the Yellowstone proper and I had my best day the second morning working for a big guy that refused a salmon fly, parachute hopper, and caddis. I finally got him on a #14 cripple. He was a beautiful fish, a "cutbow" that gave a good fight and went airborn once. I have attached a photo.

Overall, a great hike and fishing trip for myself, dad, and brothers. It's a great trip if you ever get the chance. View attachment 32929
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Here's a little smaller photo, I forgot to resize it.
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