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I am going to go try to catch some blackmouth tommorow.
since yesterday when my dad and i fished with herring out off
of point defience we caught and lost tons of blackmouth
( small chinook salmon ) from 10" to 18" and there are plenty of bigger ones out there.The fish were suprisingly shallow so i am going to break out the full sinking line and fish from 30' to
10' feet with a batefish pattern and maybe a shrimp pattern.
If any one else has ever fly fished for blackmouth before,
please tell me how you did.THANKS :??

i did try it about 5 times in the back eddies around allen bank and southworth, restoration point where i could see fish on the depth sounder but to no such avail only baitballs around point no point where i have caught them repeadtly. you see a bait ball you fish that it should be loaded with blackmouth. but i too will be trying to harness a way to catch deep water fish on a fly rod this winter. i got that t-400 line on a 8wt and it goes down pretty quick i need to find a book on this but i cant find one, Ben ps i caught most my fish off baitfish flys around 4-5 inches with alot of irredecent color as pearl flashabou 6905, or the glow in the dark ikeep them mostly all white irredecent but i never really caught any good sized blackmouth before on a fly rod over 5lbs so dont listen to me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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