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Blown Out? Sky Or Sno?

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Looking for somewhere to go fish tomorrow and Thurs. Have a new 8 weight switch that I am wanting to try out!

Can anyone tell me if the Sky or Sno are fishable? Any other recommendations?
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You should really get acquainted with this site if you plan on fishing rivers much.

Note the river height in a journal every time when you get home from fishing.
You'll soon be able to tell if a system is fishable or not.
Blown out to one person may mean fishable to another.
You are better off fishing when things first start dropping then waiting until they are in shape.
They may mean fishing dirty water, which is better in my opinion then waiting to long for things to clear.
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Sky is over 8000 but should fish well above HIgh Bridge. I usually fish it up there up to 15000. Fish suck in close to the bank. Do not know what the color is but should be still good.
Another good site to check is professor paddle which shows what the sky is probably going to do. Go to site and look at the sky and hit page to accomplish that. Sky will be on the drop.
Good luck
Looking at the flows, I'd say the Snoqualmie is out but Sky is probably fishable, depends on clarity.
sky is guaranteed looking good above the hatchery
Is the Snoqualmie open? I believe it is closed until Nov. 1.

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I'd need to check the regs. It was open a few weeks ago for Coho
When the Sky and Snohomish were opened the Snoqualmie was not included in the release I received from WDFW. If that has changed I would definitely like to know.

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I was referring to Snohomish. Sorry.
Not good. Sky is going above 11 this morning (gold bar gauge).
Fished Sky yesterday. Everything below high bridge was blown out. There were a few trucks at Wallace river so maybe that was ok. I didn't go in there. Forks to high bridge was clear enough to fish and had decent bank access.
Not good. Sky is going above 11 this morning (gold bar gauge).
It's above 12,000 cfs right now at Gold Bar......
I've floated 12k from high bridge..it'll fish on a drop!
last weeks high water results- limits! just go..
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gauge at 10 now. i should go. haven't thrown gear at them yet this year, should be the best way to go at them now.
I'll be in Seattle for work the 1st week of November. If I fished the Skykomish it would be for Chum and Coho right? Few if any steelhead around this time of year right?
I've seen a lot of coho and kings caught out of the Sky lately, have not seen any steelhead.
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