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Should be fishing
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I got up before the sun today. Something I rarely accomplish. Loaded up and went chasing a blue line I really wanted to see.

I had a half day to burn and an hour and a half drive just to make it to the place I would start looking for access. I talked to many for information, but no one really had anything to tell me. I was surprised, because this was no skinny blue line and it is real close to a very popular river.

I left the house at 5:30 AM and saw the first glints of light off the unexplored water at around 7:00. I would be in and out of my truck for the next two hours. Longer than it took for me to get there, I picked away at the few road crossings and FS roads that came anywhere close. I traveled about 60 miles in total while I explored. One place after another...striking out due to access concerns. I ended up on a few FS roads that slimmed down to four wheeler trails. One was descending towards the river, right where I wanted to go, but then the berms started. I made it over the first seven or 8, but then one berm I just basically ran into with the front of my truck and it stopped me. There was no lurching over that one. I had to back my way out for about a quarter mile with certain death off to my left side. Never a good feeling.

After quite a bit of frustration, I finally hit the jackpot. I found a road near the water. It was rough as hell...washboard all the way. Felt like it would surely shake my truck apart. The road started to climb up high over the river, but there was one little trail to the left heading back down. I took it and ended up parked 6 feet from the bank after some precarious woods driving.

I was happy to finally start fishing. Let me tell you, this river was gorgeous. Everywhere I looked felt fishy. As I was gearing up, there were plumes of insects swarming out over the water. I was getting really excited. This was going to be amazing....

Only, it wasn't.

Let me rephrase that....it was okay. I walked upstream chucking streamers since nothing was happening on the surface. Bend after bend I was transfixed by how this river looked. There wasn't a place on it that didn't look like fish heaven. Only, the water clarity was high and it seemed to be lacking only one thing.....fish.

I fished every single riffle, run, and pool. I didn't pass anything up. I peered into the depths. No fish.

After about 2 hours of this I was ready to call it a day. I had traveled about a mile without so much as a hit or spotting a fish. I tied on a slump buster streamer and gave it one last go.

The first fish out of the hole was a small mouth. I was surprised. This wasn't calm water I was fishing. The second fish to hit the streamer was a larger small mouth. They were hunkered down deep in a pool below a rapid. I thought, "well hell, I guess I'm bass fishing today".

Third fish out was a rainbow. Small, but fought well. Fourth fish, rainbow. I hadn't even moved my feet in 10 minutes. And, of course, this changed my mind about stopping. As I pressed on, the fishing stayed about the same. Small rainbows or small mouth bass. I can't recall anywhere I have fished before that I was catching both species in the same place.

By the time I stopped I was really wondering what the fishing would be like further upstream. I figure the SMB would show up less and the trout more as the gradient increased. I didn't have time to find out today, but I will in the future now that I know a little bit about the area.

There was one exhilarating moment when I was walking across a train bridge and it sounded like a train was coming. If you've ever seen the movie Stand by Me, it was kind of like that train scene. It took me a minute to realize that it was not a train, but a road grader high up above me. That minute came just after I haphazardly ran from the center of the bridge to the end while trying not to get seriously injured.

Good news is that road grader went by and smoothed out the road I came in on before I got back to my truck. Nothing but smooth gravel on the way back out.

I'll throw some pictures up below.

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Nice. But that's a cutthroat. Beautiful river.
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