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Boat, Electric Trolling Motor, other related fishing Gear

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I am selling my rowboat that comes with a trailer. I do not use it enough to keep it. It is on a trailer and stored on lake Washington currently. Asking $900 for boat and trailer. If you are willing to buy the boat I will include the two life jackets, boat lights, and anchor and 100ft line in the price. I am willing to sell the previously listed items separately as well. SOLD

Life Jackets - $5 for both SOLD
boat lights - $10 for both SOLD
anchor and 100ft line - $15 for both SOLD

I am also selling my electric trolling motor, battery and charger that is used with the rowboat.
The trolling motor is a MotorGuide - Energy 46 lbs motor - $100
The battery is a Dyno deep cycle marine 100Ah unit. It has been used less than a dozen times since I bought it and is practically brand new. - $100
The charge is a ProMariner - Prosports 6 amps per hour single battery charge. Also used less than a dozen times and is practically brand new and still in original box. - $75
I am willing to sell it as a set for $240. SOLD

If you are interested in anything please let me know and we can arrange something. Thanks for looking.
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Ugh I really need to get a truck.
Nick, you need a roof rack. I have a custom conduit creation sitting in the driveway. Weld that sucker to your roof...money!
Hmmm... I dunno about welding something to the roof of my car. Seems like a truck might be safer. lol Though some sort of roof rack would really be nice for hauling my toon around. I hate having to break it down to fit it inside my car.

Would love something like this boat for taking my son out on the lakes. One of these days.
How Long is the Boat?
The boat is 12ft long and about 5 ft wide. Everything is still up for grabs if your interested. It comes with oars that I forgot to previously mention.
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