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Boat Seat Height?

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Currently the seat heights on my cataraft seem to be low. They are about 14" from seat of your pants to the casting platform. I don't sit in them much but it seems my knees are a bit higher than my backside. I have some 7" pedestals that I can add easily that would bring the seat height up to 21". I guess finding some shorter pedestals to get a height somewere between 14 and 21 is an option, but I have these 7" ones sitting in my garage.

Would the higher seating position be more comfortable for those fishing from the seat of their pants on the move? With the size of the cataraft I don't think that topheavy should be a factor if I do my rowing job right, especially becase we are in the boat to fish, not run whitewater.

I welcome your thoughts and input. Thank you. Ed
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The fishers spend most of the time standing and fishing so the height should not be an issue as far as I am concerned. I think 21" will be a bit high. Craig
I'd be cautious in raising the seat too high. I've had several boats and pontoons in which the seat position has been so high that it's caused the oar handles to bump into my knees and thighs on the return stroke, causing the blades to risk dipping into the water if I'm less than careful.

Thanks Craig, I'm wondering if somewhere between the 14" and 21" would be better.
Kent, sorry I was not very clear. This is for the front and rear fishing position, not my low sitting rower's area. I don't want to alter my rower seat.
I found my sitting position too low and added pedestals. The pedestals made it far easier to get up from the sitting position, easier to cast sitting down, and, I was able to stretch out my legs while rowing. No problem hitting knees either. Must admit, I'm 65 and I'm alot more comfy with pedestals and have found zero stability issues...it's pretty hard to capsize one of these things.
Put 'em in and see what the passengers think. You can always take 'em out. The 7" risers are pretty standard.
I don't know if this applies to a cataraft but for general seating comfort and ergonomics you want the thighs to be parallel to the floor when the calves are perpendicular to the floor and the feet flat on the floor. I think a seat that's too low is generally too hard to raise up from, and a seat that's too high puts undue pressure on the thighs. Either way 7" isn't huge but given a choice between the two I'd choose too high and duct tape blocks to anyone's feet if their legs are too short and they complain. :)
Although not the same boat and primarily used on stillwater, the seat of my pram is 18" off the floor and very comfortable for me at 6'5". I use extra long oar locks to keep the oars off my legs.
I added a riser on my pontoon and have found that when I'm just kicking around, the seat is a bit to high and my fins catch a little to much air so I have to kind of slouch down in my seat to make my kick work better and if I'm not concioous about rowing my handles hit my knees as well. But I like sitting higher.
Honestly, I've found a seat height of about 15 inches about right for the ups and downs of fishing. That's a bit higher than the 14, whichi to me feels just a trifle "off", but quite a bit lower than 21 inches, which is about where a barstool is. I suggest, mumbles, that you experiment with flotation cushions or a little foam, some moldy old seattle phone books or what have you, and see what you like.
Since this has come back to the top after a long hiatus, I put in some boxes, utility boxes made of structural plastic. Cheaper than custom dry boxes and dry unless I flip the boat and leave it upside down. The passengers thus far have had no complaints with the boxes. At $30 per box, they seem to be a hell of a bargain. Pinned them between cross bars. Cut some strap slits in the lips of the plastic containers, strapped them down and mounted the seats atop. Muy bueno
OK, Ed, if you need opinions, I'll volunteer, since no one else has, to be the guinea pig and let you row me around while I fish and give you opinions. Lots of opinions.
Bill, hell, let's fish. I've had a few folks in the boat. Rob, Matt, Chris, Greg, Jessie, Jason, Bob...zero complaints that I can recall. Maybe they would have liked a better oarsman, but you get what you get and can't pitch a fit!
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