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Thanks for the responses and the PMs this morning guys. All the books are sold pending funds. Again, I appreciate your responses!

1) Nymph Fishing For Larger Trout by Charles E. Brooks. No listed price. Hardbound '1976 edition. 184 pages. No dust jacket, in very good condition. $5
2) The Little Book Of Fly Fishing by Tom Davis and Dale Spartas. $12.95 listed price. Hardbound 1997 edition. 112 pages. As new. $5
3) A River Runs Through It & Other Stories by Norman MacLean. $11 listed price. Paperback 1976 edition. 217 pages. In excellent condition. $5
4) The Fly Fisher's Reader edited by L. M. Wright. 27 tales by Hemingway, Sir Edward Grey, Red Smith, R.L. Haig-Brown, Skues, Lyons, Travers, Sparse Grey Hackle, and others. $12 listed price. Paperback 1990 edition. 288 pages. In good cindition. $5
5) The Quotable Fisherman compiled by Nick Lyons. $20 listed price. Hardbound 1998 edition. 200 pages. Dust jacket and book as new. $5
6) The Art Of Fly Tying by John van Vliet. No listed price. Hardbound with metal spiral rings for ease in laying flat. 1994 edition. 128 pages including many color pictures and recipes. in very good condition. $8
7) Trout Fishing by Joe Brooks. No listed price. Revised 1985 Hardbound edition. 217 pages. Dust Jacket in fair condition, book in excellent condition. $5
8.) Best Of B.C. Lake Fishing by Karl Bruhn. $12.95 listed price. Paperback 1998 edition. 216 pages. Excellent condition. $5
9) The Soft-Hackled Fly & Tiny Soft Hackles 2nd edition by Sylvester Nemes (Signed). $34.95 listed price. Hardbound 2006 edition. 221 pages. Dust jacket and book as new. $10
10) Ultimate Adventures: A Rough Guide To Adventure Travel by Greg Witt. $24.95 listed price. Paperback 2008 edition. 370 pages. As new. $3
11) Fifty Places To Fly Fish Before You Die by Chris Santella. $24.95 listed price. Hardbound 2004 edition. 222 pages, Dust jacket and book as new. $5
12) Fishing The Flats by Mark Sosin & Lefty Kreh. $16.95 listed price. Hardbound 1983 edition. 160 pages. Dust jacket and book in excellent condition. $5
13) Great Waters - Great Fish: The Worldwide Guide To Fly Fishing by John Ross. $24.95 listed price. Hardbound 1999 edition. 24 different regions illustrated. 160 pages. Dust jacket excellent, book as new (except for an inscription). $5
14) Fly Fishing The Great Western Rivers by Ralph Kylloe. $60 listed price. Large illustrated coffee table book. Hardbound 2004 edition. 243 pages. Dust jacket excellent+, book as new. $8
15) Trout: from The Wildlife Series by Stolz & Schnell. $59.95 listed price. Hardbound 1991 edition. 370 pages. Dust jacket and book as new. $5
16) The Henry's Fork: An Intimate Portrait by Charles E. Brooks. $24.95 listed price. Hardbound 1986 edition. 210 pages. Dust Jachet and book in excellent+ condition (includes an inscription). $5

i'd love to sell them all to one person if possible.
you can take them all for $50. otherwise, i'll just sell them as priced
i'll ship these book rate, so shipping ought to be pretty darn cheap for you. or if you live near seattle, i can meet you somewhere close to you.
thanks for looking.
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