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I prefer to sell these in one transaction, . Located in Carnation.
  1. The Steelhead Trout Trey Combs
  2. The Teeny Technique for Steelhead and Salmon JimTeeny
  3. Northwest Angling Brander
  4. Saltwater Fly Patterns Lefty Kreh
  5. Fly Patterns of Alaska The Alaska Flyfishers
  6. Flyfishing the San Juan Rizuto & Stoddard
  7. Western Trout Fly Tying Manual Jack Dennis
  8. Flyfishing Southern CA saltwater FFF South West Council
  9. Yellowstone Fishing Guide
  10. Western Flyfishing Guide Dave Hughes
  11. Rising Trout Hawthorn
  12. Professional Fly Tying and Spinning Lure Making Manual Herters (2 each)
  13. North Umpqua Anglers Guide Doc Crawford
  14. Fishing Yellowstone Waters Charles E Brooks
  15. Orvis Flyfishing Guide Tom Rosenbauer
  16. High Sierra Fly Fishing Billy VanLoek
  17. Tying the Swisher/Richards Flies Doug Swisher and Carl Richards
  18. Trout Magic John D Voelker
  19. Fishing Henrys Lake Bill Schiess
  20. Americas 100 Best Trout Streams Trout Unlimited
  21. Salt Water Flies Kenneth Bay
  22. The Art & Science of Fly Fishing Lenox Dick
  23. The Fishing Hall of Shame Bruce Nash & Allan Zullo
  24. Stoneflies for the Angler Eric Leiser & Robert H Boyle
  25. Trout Chasers Journal Tully Stroud
  26. Larger Trout for the Western Fly Fisherman Charles E Brooks
  27. The Trout and the Stream Charles E Brooks
  28. Flyfishing Alaska Anthony J Route
  29. Good Flies John Gierach
  30. The Complete Angler Izaak Walton
  31. Trout Streams Paul R Needham
  32. Index of Orvis Fly Patterns
  33. Fear of Fly Fishing Jack Ohman
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Not open for further replies.