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Books, again

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This came up a while ago. I have many FF books that I have read and, will mostly likely, not read again. Any takers? Jerry D. - would you like them for PHW? That would be my priority.

I will pay for shipping and request a donation in the amount of your choice to PHW.

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I too have some great old books that I need to move out including a copy of Art Flick's Master Fly Tying guide that includes pics of a young Dave Whitlock. Like Scott I have read them all, some several times and now it is someone else's turn.
post some titles. I am interested in taking on a few. Looking for some good reads.
I had a bunch of books when I moved here to Montana. I donated them to the library, here in Dillon. And now they have a fly fishing section.
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I got into the habit of throwing a book or two in my vehicle when I went fishing. My plan was to pass them along to random folks, who were new to the sport, that I met on the water. One of those pay it forward deals.

Seems the biggest majority of fly fishing books are instructional based, and after awhile, they all start reading the same.

My favorites I've kept, but I've been on a trend these past few winter months with the classic novels that I've never had time to read in the past and no regrets.
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Here goes. Hb= hardback

fisherman's summer. Haig-brown

Trout magic, Robert taver

The fish's eye, Ian Frazier he

A river never sleeps, Haig-brown

Upland stream, w d wetherell hb

Dances with trout, John gierach hb

The river why, David James Duncan hb

Another lousy day, john gierach hb

The view from rat lake, john gierach hb

A place on the water, jerry Dennis hb

Upriver downriver hb

Catch & release, mark king well hb

The fisherman's guide to life, criswell freeman

Fool's paradise, John hierarchy hb
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I tried to read a Haig-Brown book on time. I couldn't get into it and returned it back to the Library. It just didn't go.
Checked your list Scotty just to make sure...don't even think of it :eek:
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Okay, TL. So me excellent reads.....
i'll give a few a try. Sending to a message
Checked your list Scotty just to make sure...don't even think of it :eek:
For sure, I sleep with mine and it's not even a signed edition.:D
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TL - You did notice that your book, autographed, was not on the list.....right?
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