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Brand New Redington 9' 9wt Vapen Black

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Retails $349.95

NIB with Warranty card for $295 Shipped!
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I have the 7 wt vapen black and it's a rocket. FAST action. Really nice rods for the money if you want a fast action rod.

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Thanks for the support! Yes they are very nice casting rods and it's sweet spot is from 40-70ft. I can easily punch this from 80-90ft. 100ft casting is possible if your casting is on the money. The innovative Black Winn golf grip makes it very comfortable to cast and reduces hand fatigue. Redington has an incredible lifetime warranty. Redington is a sister company to Sage.
Bump...... $285 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

BRAND NEW Redington Vapen Black 9' - 9wt!!!

Really nice casting rod. Has the ability to punch into the wind. I've managed 100ft cast with this rod, but the sweet spot is between 40-70ft. Great all around "fishing" fly rod for a 9wt with plenty of backbone.

Tho the cork version here is shown, the Black Winn Grip is way more comfortable to cast with and helps with hand fatigue throughout the day, blind casting the bigger rods, like a 9wt.

New in the box, shipped today for $285 total. Get ready for those big fish you want to target this season, without breaking the bank.
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If I could sell my Orvis graphite 10wt rod I'd buy this instead!
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