Recently added a large lot that I am trying to pare down to offset my cost. Some wading gear that would be great for back up or lighter use, maybe float tube or for in-laws etc. Keep in mind priority mail is costing like $12-20 to ship these days. The pricing is included in the deal, so I’m not gonna bring home much cash out of the sale. If anyone wants all of it. I’ll make you a seriously good deal.

Size 11 Redington Felt Boots -$30
Good shape, a little dry rot on the heel, but these have a summer or two left of hard wading. I really don’t think these have seen more than a few days of use.

Size 11 Orvis Studded Vibram Boots -Sold

Frog Toggs Canyon Waders XL- New with Tags - SOLD

Bass Pro White River Waders Size M -$30
No idea if these leak or not. They look nearly new. Going to assume they don’t. If they do. Guess you could always cut the booties off and turn them into some Simms style rain bibs for 1/5 the cost.

Footwear Shoe Outdoor shoe Walking shoe Wood
Footwear Outdoor shoe Grey Work boots Walking shoe
Glove Outdoor shoe Gesture Wood Grey
Grey Walking shoe Athletic shoe Tints and shades Electric blue
Walking shoe Grey Outdoor shoe Grass Athletic shoe
Automotive tire Road surface Tread Synthetic rubber Artifact

Brown White Luggage and bags Bag Sleeve
Outerwear Sleeve Textile Grey Dress
Jeans Shorts Sleeve Dress shirt Clothes hanger
Shorts Sleeve World Wood T-shirt