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Hello all, made it to Kodiak Island on Monday evening. I've fished a few hours every day starting on Tuesday and finally got into some sockeye on the Buskin River this morning. Fished from 8:30am-noon, brought three to hand.

The sockeye run is just starting up here, the weir counts at Buskin Lake are showing just higher than average numbers so far, looks like around 2,500 fish counted in the past 10 days. Expected run is roughly 30,000 (maybe 40,000?). The Bukin is really a big creek, 30-50' wide in most spots and very clear. This morning was the first time I could spot fish moving through and sight cast. Very fun. My first two were caught on the steelhead down-and-across swing fishing with a full floating line, 9' leader and one small split shot above the fly. They just hammered my little silver-bodied streamer. Around 9:30am the sun came out and I couldn't buy a strike for two hours. Around 11:30 I spotted a pod of 5-6 sockeye camped out behind a big rock. I couldn't swing my fly from above so I tried nymphing to them from below. Second cast and I got my third fish. All were chrome bright, around 2 miles upstream from the ocean. I didn't do nearly as well as the liner/snaggers who were really tearing them up (litteraly) before the sun came out. I released all my fish today but I'm making a trip into town later to find a good fillet knife . . .fresh sockeye for dinner coming soon.

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