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There has been a lot said about the Cabelas CGR rod line on the internet since its 1st Generation introduction. The chatter only increased with the 2nd Generation introduction a little over a year ago. All that chatter, along with the Fiberglass Manifesto review is what pulled me into my original purchase of the 7' 4/5wt model CGR. I began tracking the CGR prior to last year's spring opener, and was about to pull the trigger on it for $129, when they suddenly dropped the price in half, and I promptly applied my points and had it in the mail for $49. A lot has happened since that purchase. After a few trips to the creeks with the rod I was convinced that I needed a light warmwater rod and began eyeing up the 5/6wt with it's shortened fighting butt. And after fighting with my lack of patience for a few months, Cabelas held true-to-form and dropped the price 50% again. That was my queue and I ordered the 7 ?? 5/6 model. As a result, this summer found me hawking the prices again, until I was able to pick up the 7 ?? 7/8 model for 50% off as well. Now?let me qualify all of that quickly to alleviate any misconceptions about these rods. After fishing and handling the first rod, I would have willingly paid $150 each for any of them had that been required. I personally feel the rod is under-priced in comparison to quality and performance at the suggested retail of $129. However, knowing the pattern of this rods pricing, I waited and held on to my dollars for a seasonal sale.
Now that I am into one season with the 7/8wt and 2 seasons with the 4/5 & 5/6?.here is what I have found.

For the full review click on the link below:

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