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Cabela's Dry-Plus waders

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I am new to the sport of fly fishing and i am looking to purchase some waders, i know i want to go with breathable waders and i am considering the Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium chest waders have any of you every used this brand of waders and how did the hold up.
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I wear Cabela's Dry-plus and I love them. I've only had them for a year but they have been used a lot this year. I have two pairs of neo's and I don't even think about picking them up. They are not the best out there but for the price they are.
I like mine too. I haven't even thought of using my older neopremes since I got them...
These are great waders for the price. I've had mine for over 2 years and they work great for me. I've had to patch them a few times, too and they're still good as new.

I am on my first season of Dry Plus waist highs but it has been a hard season fishing several times a week. No problems at all so far.
The waist high design works for everything but float tubing and would probably work for that too if I had one of the newer designs that keep you a little higher above the water. The waders are so comfortable that they are more like a pair of slacks than waders and I usually suit up at home and make the drive to the local lakes rather than put on my waders once I get there. I have 3mm and 5mm neoprene chest waders but they are really a pain when you want to take off or put on a shirt, go pee or try to get something out of your pants pocket. Cabelas waders, like most of their flyfishing gear, are made by a reputable big name outfit, will perform well and can be exchanged if you are unhappy with them. And at a fair price also. Ive
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I have a pair of these waders too and love them - what a bargain at that price (Got them at the Cabela's store in Michigan out of the bargain cave).

The only thing is that my shin areas seem to get moist after spending a long time in the water (several hours). It seems to stay wet under the protective "gaiter" area.

I don't know if that is common in other similarly styled waders.

Let 'em go!
i just wanted to thank all of you for your input I think i will order these waders tomorrow :THUMBSUP
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