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Cabela's L-tech rods-opinions or experience?

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I have been toying with the idea of getting a new 5wt and the look and weight of this rod caught my attention. It looks like the first fresh thinking on rod design in years. And the weight of a 9' 5wt is truly astounding at 2.6 oz. Any idea who actually makes this rod and what blank they use? This rod is .6 oz lighter than a Sage's vaunted Z-Axis and $425 cheaper.

For a guy like me that is up in his 70's and still sometimes fishes 6-8 hours a day every fraction of an ounce in rod weight makes a difference by the end of the day. This rod looks like it is the lightest on the market.

Has anyone cast one?

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They say it's light, but all they did was take the reel seat spacer thing off. I'm sure it's a nice rod, but the reel seat looks a bit gimmicky, and I'm sure a lot of people throw heavy reels on those things anyway. The swing weight is what counts.
I've cast them. They actually cast pretty nice. Moderate action. very light weight. The reel seat does look a little odd. but other than that. seem to be ok sticks
Ive, I have the 4 pc 9' 4 wt L-Tech and I love mine. It is a very well thought-out rod in my opinion, blending a couple types of carbon fiber in the blank.....and that reel seat is no gimmick, it locks down snug and keeps it nice and light. I too appreciate a light stick on days when I'll be casting all day long....I have a really bad shoulder and my wing likes this rod very much. I also have a 5 wt BllX and the actions and weights are similar with the L-tech actuallly being a bit quicker. If you get one, I'd stick with a reel between 3.9 and 4.5 ounces to maintain a nice swing weight and keep everything nice and light. I think it could use a bit bigger stripping guide and the cork is good but not fantastic like Winston or T&T cork but.... that is a small issue.........it fishes like a much more expensive rod. I also have a 9' 3 wt in their LST series and love that rod as well. People used to bash Orvis, now Cabelas gets some of that and it is silly really. They make some nice equipment. I wouldnt' hesitate for a second to pick up another L-tech.
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I was going to say that no one wants to admit they shop there but now you have a few answers. I was also giong to say I bought the LST 14' spey and am happy with it and how it feels and works. I 've seen the L-tech but didn't pick it up but it looked really good and for that price It's got to be right. I'll certainly try it nest time I'm there.
I'll chime in too. My first rod was a $170+/- 3wt stowaway from Cabelas that I got for my birthday. I used and beat the hell out of it, finally snapping the lowest ferule on a rock snag. While I was driving down to OR for a Bend trip, I decided to try my luck and take the rod into the Cabela's shop in Lacey. No big interrogation- they replaced the rod with a new model. The new model is way better in my opinion. So - for what it's worth - the warranty seems to be at least in the same ball park as Sage.

Disclosure - I also own three sage rods and love them to death. They're much nicer in the finishing touches. But, for the money - the cabelas rods and service are seriously hard to beat. I wouldn't shy away from getting someone a Cabelas rod any day.
I own and love the 6wt 9'. It is light, forgiving and love the looks of it. I cast a rio grand floating and a 6wt outbound intermediate on it. Has lots of power and looking at the 4wt also. I agree with Mingo and his comments. I picked it up on a whim, never tried it just played with it in the store. Once I put a line on it, that was it, I did not need any of my others and sold them. Great rod, neat looking, does not break the bank and casts excellent for my casting style.


Try a Grey's G series. I casted one quite a bit at the Spey Clave (it is a single hander) and loved it. Very light.
Try a redington CT...99.00 bones @ Seattle's outdoor emporium....these things are true and sweet. If you like winston action and sage LL series this is a rod to try. They are all 4 -piece with the 6 pieces being 20-30 more bucks. Very impressive rod (IMHO) and others have shared their pleasure in earlier threads.
Thanks for the input on the L-tech. With a Cablela's just 2 hours away I'll go down and see if they have one. It sounds like it is exactly what I am looking for-the lightest rod possible. I'm sure the Grey's and Reddington are fine casting rods but both are significantly heavier although less expensive. And in my eyes they have a fatal flaw-they only come in 4 pc. I have several 4 pc rods and if I can avoid it I don't want any more.

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